About Babbservations

I am a freelance copywriter that is ready and willing to work for you right now. Please get in touch.

The name originated from my girlfriend, who remarked that I have a tendency to make observations on things which have come to my attention which are imperceptible to her. This could be from as important as an amusingly named street sign to the fact that we had run out of toilet roll – things that could really alter the space-time continuum and the very fabric of life as we know it.

The real question is, am I particularly more observant than the regular people who make no observations (or Nobs as I refer to them), in their daily wanderings, or is it that my girlfriend is particularly unobservant? This is a conundrum that sits alongside flat-earth theory and creationism as discourse which just cannot be resolved in a five minute conversation.

My name is Christopher Babb. This is my cross to bear, always to appear near the very top of registers, lists or any collocation of names which requires alphabetisation (which don’t?)

My skill is in pointless and often painful observations which go unheeded or unappreciated.

And so Babbservations was born.