The veneer of Hong Kong

East meets West; a phrase so oft-repeated, its meaning diminished for the global generation. In days gone by, Hong Kong encapsulated the blurring of the line. But where is that line today? Hong Kong will always fascinate. For how it came about, for what it was and is, and for what it hopes to be. […]

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Tear and Consume, as long as you look good doing it.

As well as riding a bicycle up and down some steep hills and spilling noodles down my shirt, I managed to write something about someone who was not my self, and then I managed to get it published. Here –> Anyone watched the episode of Black Mirror, ‘Nosedive’ ? Sounds creepy, right? Sounds downright […]

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Stand Up

I apologise in advance for the hypocrytical nature of this post. I try to refrain from using social media to comment on something so sensitive as I often feel that reading a heartfelt or impassioned comment just after I have seen a picture of their breakfast somewhat trivialises the words they have taken all of […]

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Babb has left the building

I’m on the train, (Not, unfortunately, to Rodsville Jack) sitting here in quiet coach A, on the way to my brand new life. Hong Kong via Lands End; that well trodden path. The journey began somewhat inauspiciously from Reading, but then, not everyone’s life can resemble a Zac Efron movie. So yesterday I hung up my […]

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The Tube Ranger.

Just like London, Hong Kong is an international city, home to millions of people. Just like London, most inhabitants use public transport every day. Just like London, Hong Kong has its own underground rail system. Just like Londoners, Hong Kongers emerge from dirty underground voids, running late, dripping with sweat, stinking of putrid doner meat, […]

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Slope Registration

There are slopes everywhere in Hong Kong. Everywhere you look there is a slope. Going up, going down. You cannot escape even the shortest of walks without having to expend energy, either hauling your dim sum laden frame upwards, or applying the breaks on the way down, Mr Soft style naturally. (difficult in my business casual footwear of […]

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Swimming against the tide

I’m leaning back, Ryan Lochte style against the shiny white tiles, arms outstretched across the dark slats that hide the filtration system. It slurps loudly and continuously, it is 8:15am, an ungodly hour for me, yet little can dampen my mood. It is 26 degrees and the sun is peeping down from behind the ram-shackled […]

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