The Englishman who went up a Lion Head but came down a monkey charmer.

Within a very short distance of the endless apartment and offices which pepper the Hong Kong skyline like a topographical pin cushion, you find a profligacy of green and pleasant land, as yet and by governmental decree unsullied by man’s concrete-laden touch. There are many other islands that surround the bay and beyond other than […]


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The Tube Ranger.

Just like London, Hong Kong is an international city, home to millions of people. Just like London, most inhabitants use public transport every day. Just like London, Hong Kong has its own underground rail system. Just like Londoners, Hong Kongers emerge from dirty underground voids, running late, dripping with sweat, stinking of putrid doner meat, […]

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Slope Registration

There are slopes everywhere in Hong Kong. Everywhere you look there is a slope. Going up, going down. You cannot escape even the shortest of walks without having to expend energy, either hauling your dim sum laden frame upwards, or applying the breaks on the way down, Mr Soft style naturally. (difficult in my business casual footwear of […]

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Swimming against the tide

I’m leaning back, Ryan Lochte style against the shiny white tiles, arms outstretched across the dark slats that hide the filtration system. It slurps loudly and continuously, it is 8:15am, an ungodly hour for me, yet little can dampen my mood. It is 26 degrees and the sun is peeping down from behind the ram-shackled […]

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